Soft Cases

Soft Shell Operating Case

Soft Shell Operating Case - $ 55 each

Model No: SCAS2

A soft durable-nylon (Cordura) operating case designed to hold a PowerSight meter. The PowerSight can be operated through its clear plastic cover while in the case by pressing buttons and viewing the display. A stiff flap protects this cover when not viewing the PowerSight. The SCAS2 case has shoulder strap with a loop that the unit can hang from while monitoring. Suitable for all PowerSight models.

Soft Shell Accessories Case

Soft Shell Accessories Case - $ 45 each

Model No: SCAS3

A soft durable-nylon (Cordura) accessories case designed to hold meters, or accessories like probes, cables, and manuals. Shoulder strap included. Has pocket in the flap for paperwork. Outside dimensions: 8 x 8 x 5 inches.

Soft System Carrying Case

Soft System Carrying Case - $ 65 each

Model No: SCAS4

A soft durable-nylon (Cordura) case designed to hold any PowerSight meter and accessories, probes, cables, and a manual. It has a separate compartment with Velcro straps to hold meter separately from voltage and current probes. Has pocket in the flap, for manual. Shoulder strap included. Outside dimensions: 9 x 5.5 x 7 inches.

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Hard Cases

Hard Shell Carrying Case

Hard-Shell Carrying Case - $ 195 each

Model No: CAS3

Our most popular hard-shell carrying case for PowerSight and its accessories. It is supplied with all PS3500 and PS4500 system kits. This carrying case is tough and functional. Throw it in the back of a truck or stow it in overhead storage on your flight. The CAS3 will hold your PowerSight meter and probes. These cases have proven that they can stand up to daily use in all types of environments. They are ideal for shipping systems via common carriers.

Its features include:

  • Tough blow-molded shell
  • Die-cut foam inserts to hold all your system parts
  • Ergonomic handle for comfortable carrying
  • Secure snap-tight locks for the lid
  • Compact: 19 x 14 x 7 inches (outside)
  • Light weight: less than 15 lbs with system inside

The cut-outs in the case leave dedicated space for:

  • PowerSight meter
  • Four current probes
  • Voltage Leads
  • Communications cable and/or USB adapter
  • Charger
  • Manual & CD-ROM
Weather Resistent Operating Case

Weather-Resistant Operating Case - $295 each

Model No: CASW

The weather-resistant operating case provides indoor/outdoor flexibility. One of the prime benefits of PowerSight is its small size and portability. But there are occasions when the unit needs to be left unattended for weeks at a time, or it needs to be securely fastened to a permanent structure to avoid theft, or it needs to be used outdoors and be subjected to the weather. Our weather-resistant operating case provides the solution to these requirements.

Any PowerSight meter will fit snugly into its die-cut foam and will not slip out, even when the case stands erect and the door is open. The cables are routed under and around the unit to exit the case on the right without interfering with the operation of the PowerSight meter. Weather-resistance is maintained by compressing high-grade low-memory foam around the opening. The sealing is sufficient for all but the most extreme conditions (such as being submerged under water).

It has space for any of our LDC line-to-DC converters to allow operating PowerSight from the power that is being monitored. This is especially important for outdoor and rooftop installations that do not have a ready source of 120V or 240V power to run the charger for PowerSight. If the power being monitored is lost the PowerSight's internal rechargeable batteries will bridge over the failure for 8 to 10 hours (6+ hours with the PS4000 or PS4500).

Additional cutouts to hold the standard charger and a serial communications cable.

When the PowerSight unit is locked up in the CASW, communications can be maintained via the serial communications cable that can be run out of the right side of the case (for older PowerSight meters with serial communications), or in most situations, via Bluetooth wireless to the newer PS2500, PS3500, or PS4500 PowerSight meters.

There is provision for two locks or chains. This can be used for locking the case shut, to eliminate tampering, or to lock it to a permanent fixture to discourage theft. The case is compact (13 x 16 x 7 inches) and comfortable to carry by its handle. It weighs 7 pounds.