Jumbo Alligator Voltage Clips

$ 75 per Set

Model No: VJClip

Jumbo Alligator Voltage Clip

Get a Good Grip on Your Voltage Connections with our Jumbo Alligator Clip! When making voltage connections you need to get a substantial hold onto lugs, bolts, and conductors with a probe that just won’t let go and is less likely to fall off during measurements. The VJCLIP “Jumbo” alligator clip has an excellent grasp of the situation.

These fully insulated extra-large alligator clips meet IEC61010 safety standards and come with a 4mm jack that connects to your PowerSight voltage leads. Serrated jaw opens to 1.26" (32mm) and grabs on tight.



Spares or replacements can be ordered – specify model VJClip.

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