Line-to-DC Converter

$ 325 each

Model No: LDC4

Line-to-DC Converter

Summit Technology's Line-to-DC Converter accessory converts virtually any utility power (120-600 VAC, 50-60 Hz) to 12 VDC in order to power PowerSight Power Analyzers from the circuit being monitored.

In some situations, such as at 480V panels, a conveniently located power outlet may not available to power the PowerSight meter’s charger.  The major benefit of the LDC4 is that power can be obtained for a PowerSight meter from the power mains being monitored without requiring local 120 or 240 VAC outlets or running long extension cords.

Combined with the 8hr battery back-up time in the meter, the combination of the LDC plus the PowerSight's internal battery will ride you through all but the most prolonged outages.


The LDC connects directly to line voltages via fused safety clips. Its output is a cable with a mini dc jack output that supplies unregulated 12 VDC at up to 500 ma. 

The LDC4 is designed for use with the PS4500, PS4000, PS3500, PS2500 and PS250 PowerSight meters.