Report Generator Puts Persuasion on Paper!

Organize and document your power study results, in just a couple of mouse clicks!

Summit Technology’s Report Generator software for Windows allows users to make customized, professional-looking, and concise Summary and Comparison reports derived from the PowerSight data logs.  No more tedious cutting and pasting in multiple operations – let the Report Generator do it automatically!

Summary Reports summarize the results of a test into a brief tabular format. The user chooses what timeframe to summarize, what variables to list in the report, and whether to include graphics. Since the user selects which variables to include in the report, the report can be quite extensive (as many as 70 variables such as voltage, current, power factor, watts, VA, VAR, cost, THD, frequency). This type of report provides excellent status records for power systems studies that can be emailed and archived. Sample Summary Report

Comparison Reports compare the data of two different segments of the same data log or two different data logs for two studies performed at different times. Comparisons between logs typically present "before" versus "after" comparisons to prove savings of energy or cost. Comparisons between times within logs typically present peak load versus idle load comparisons.

Sellers and buyers of energy saving devices will appreciate the ability to quickly summarize and present the results in a clear and concise manner to decision-makers with before and after energy use and cost. The difference between the before and after results are documented in both absolute and percentage terms. Sample Comparison Report

Either type of report is text editable, pictures and user comments can be added.  The volume of data in a report is under user control to allow the report to be as broad or as focused as the user desires.

Get PSM Software with Report Writer Free

Anyone can download PowerSight Manager Software (PSM) for free.  This allows to power studies to be shared and viewed with others.  Data logs can be emailed and opened by anyone who has PSM installed. 

Download latest release of PSM software with Report Writer here and sample data log files here: PSM Software for PC Sample Files