About Us

Corporate Overview

Summit Technology, Inc. is the industry leader in portable, hand-held single- and three-phase power analysis tools.

Head Office

Our design and manufacturing center is headquartered at:

2717 North Main St.
Suite 15
Walnut Creek, CA 94597
Phone: 925.944.1212      (8 am to 5pm PST)
Fax: 925.944.7126

Summit Technology designs and manufactures the PowerSight® family of power anaylzers:

PS250 and PS2500 Power Loggers
PS3000 and PS3500 Energy Analyzers
PS4000 and PS4500 Power Quality Analyzers

PowerSight meters and power analyzers measure all aspects of power: voltage, current, frequency and power -(watts, VA, VAr, power factor, and energy in kWh) as well as harmonics (spectrum and THD). PowerSight meters can be used for spot checks similar to a multimeter, real-time meter values are displayed in the meter window. Plus, they can log data for up to months at a time. Data can be downloaded to a PC to view graphical plots, waveforms and summaries and to generate a report. The PS4000 and PS4500 Power Quality Analyzers also measure power quality events such as sags, swells, and transients (impulses). The distinctions of the PowerSight range of meters are:

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PowerSight meters are in use in all continents (including Antarctica) and are used by:

Electrical Engineers
Electrical Contractors
Utility Power Companies
Field Service Organizations
Energy Managers
Electrical Testing Services
Plant and Facility Managers

We here at Summit Technology are committed to delivering the features, accessories, and software you want to do the job you do.  If there is a feature or accessory that you would like to see added or modified, please let us know.