Selecting the Right Current Probe

There are a few factors to consider when selecting a current probe. Please review the following:

Access:  Clamp-on probes work great if you have good access to conductors with sufficient clearance but they are rigid and may not be suitable for tight and confined spaces.  The flexible Rogowski probes are excellent for restricted situations where conductors are tightly bunched together, or for large bus bars.  The flexible design allows them to be snaked into panels and contorted to fit.

Unlike some other flexible probes PowerSight FX-series flexible probes do not need batteries –which can be problem if the battery dies half way through the monitoring session.  PowerSight FX probes are powered continuously from the meter.

Range:  Decide how much current you wish to measure and take into account maximum values for current surges such as when motors start. 

PowerSight Current Probes