Power Meters & Analyzers

Summit Technology makes a range of meters to fill your power monitoring needs.

PowerSight Power Analyzers

PS4500 Power Quality Analyzer

The PowerSight PS4500 Power Quality Analyzer can record energy use, log voltage and current, plus capture power quality events such as transients, sags, swells and track harmonic distortion. Use it on single phase or three phase circuits and loads.

PS3500 Power Analyzer

The PowerSight PS3500 Power Analyzer measures voltage, current, KW, KVA, KVAR, true power factor, displacement power factor, KWh, Hz, elapsed and estimated cost, duty cycle. Long term logging for up to months at a time. Manual waveform capture ability. Real time meter display of present values.

PS2500 Data Logger / Power Logger

The PowerSight PS2500 Power Logger and Energy Analyzer is our entry-level, low-cost data logger. It performs all measurements required for energy and demand analysis.  It also has an option for harmonic analysis.

What do you want to monitor? Click here for a table to help you choose the right meter for your application.