Voltage Probe Sets for PowerSight Power Analyzers

Once you have selected a meter, you will need to choose which voltage and current probes would be right for the job. Our voltage probe selection can range from 1 volt, to up to 15,000 volts.

Deluxe Voltage Leads

Voltage Leads & Clips

Voltage Lead Set (Model no: DXV)

Summit Technology’s standard set of deluxe voltage leads are supplied with each PowerSight meter. 

Fused Voltage Lead Set (Model no: DFV)

Summit Technology’s deluxe fused voltage leads (DFV) measures up to 600v AC with the added safety of 1/2 amp fuses. 

Jumbo Alligator Clip Set

Jumbo Alligator clips (Model no: VJCLIP)

Set of 4 jumbo alligator clips, open to 1.26", 600V CAT IV

High Voltage Probes

High Voltage Probes for PowerSight power analyzers for 5kV to 15kV

5k Voltage Probes

5k Voltage Probe Set (Model no: 5KVPSet)

Set of three 5KV-voltage probes for direct connection to 600 to 5kv rms AC or DC.

15k Voltage Probe Set

15k Voltage Probe Set with Hot-Sticks (Model no: 15KVPSet)

Set of 3 15KV voltage probes with hot sticks for direct connection to 600 to 15kv rms AC or DC.